Welcome to Porsche Valuations, providing classic Porsche owners with fully independent agreed insurance valuations, to ensure trouble free resolution to insurance claims should the worst ever happen, with no debate over potentially biased specialist dealer/owners' club valuations.

Our valuations cost just £35 and are a no-brainer for maximum protection. With more than twenty years history in classic car insurance valuations, we stand by our data. We also value other classic marques - email for details.

Porsche Market Value Insurance Valuations

Do not insure your classic Porsche with a market value policy! This is guaranteed to cause months of uncertainty and stress in a total loss claim. Agree your classic Porsche insurance value for maximum return, with a fully independent expert valuation for classic Porsche insurance purposes from our classic Porsche values consultants.

Porsche Valuation Expertise

Our Valuation Principal, John Glynn, has more than thirty years of motor trade experience, including a decade spent working as Consumer Valuations Editor with UK used car price bible, Glass’s Guide. As a long-time contributor to UK trade and consumer motoring media and a consultant to leading independent Porsche specialists, John is an acknowledged used car market 'guru'. The serial Porsche owner is also a well-known marque journalist, owning Ferdinand Porsche Magazine and the popular Porsche 911 forum at impactbumpers.com.

About our Porsche Insurance Valuations

We issue insurance valuations for all classic and modern Porsche models including all 911 models: early 911, impact bumper cars including 3.2 Carrera and 930, 964, 993, 996 and more. Our written Porsche insurance valuations are recommended by many Porsche owners and insurers and are accepted by all UK insurance companies.

Valuations are carried out online: submit your Porsche valuation details with payment, email some general photos and we will complete the valuation, emailing you a signed valuation certificate.

Porsche Investment Values Consultation

We also consult on Porsche prices and values for legal, investment and inheritance issues. Contact us to discuss our full range of valuation services.