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This form is primarily used for insurance valuations, but you can also use it to send details about a car you might be buying or selling, something you need a quick corporate valuation for, or details of a car in dispute that you wish to discuss.

About our Agreed Insurance Valuations

Porsche Valuations deals with every UK insurance company and we have never had a valuation refused. Our independent Porsche insurance valuations cost £35 and insurers normally accept them to cover two years, making our quick and easy online valuations service excellent value for money when compared to a Porsche club membership charge of £120 for two years.

We also supply company purchase and probate valuations, consult on purchase and part exchange prices and investment market trends – email us here

By using our agreed insurance valuation service, you agree that:

  • The car is not currently subject to an insurance claim and no litigation is pending
  • All representations of condition will be full and complete
  • No relevant information will be omitted

Our signed valuation will be emailed to you as a PDF document. Forward a copy to your insurer, with another copy retained in the vehicle history file. Most insurers do not require a condition inspection form when an expert valuation is submitted.

Porsche Valuations offers a highly respected independent insurance valuation service. Our independence is critical: in the event of a claim, it prevents any conflict-of-interest disputes which can arise from valuations provided by car dealers or service agents.

Please complete the form below with as much information as possible. All submissions are treated in the strictest confidence. We erase all details from our system once the valuation has been completed.