Porsche Purchase and Insurance Valuations

Thanks for visiting Porsche Valuations. We provide UK Porsche owners and potential buyers with Porsche buying price checks and agreed insurance valuations, for happier purchase negotiations, or stress-free insurance settlements with no risk of conflict of interest disputes in a claim involving dealer or mechanic valuations.

Our highly respected service is built on thirty years’ motor trade experience and twenty years as a professional used car valuations specialist, including a decade with Glass’s Guide: the UK motor trade’s premier source of vehicle data and market valuations.

Porsche Buying Price Check with our Pre-Purchase Valuation

Whether you’re buying a Porsche for pleasure or investment, paying too much at the start will hurt future returns. Use our Porsche pre-purchase valuation and market trend service to check you are paying the right price for the right car to serve long-term investment goals.

Are you considering selling your car? Use our buying price service and talk to us in confidence to discuss part-exchange valuations or the right private sale price to get the deal done. Fill in our short online form and we’ll respond quickly once photos and payment are received. Contact us with any questions.

Why we do not recommend insuring on a Market Value Policy

After decades dealing with Porsche insurance claims, we do not recommend insuring classic cars on market value policies! They cause huge stress in total loss claims.

Data gathered from eBay and other disposal sites is not a true reflection of market value, yet this data is a big part of what an insurance assessor will use when deciding what your Porsche is worth. Insurers answer to shareholders, so market value settlements rarely cover the true replacement cost. Would you be happy to settle for eBay prices in a total loss situation?

We all think this will never happen to us, but see our Porsche values news section to see just how many Porsches are stolen every year. Having personally been on the receiving end of a prolonged market value settlement dispute, the hassle is just not worth the risk. Agree your Porsche insurance value from the outset with our expert independent agreed insurance valuation for minimum stress and maximum return.

Our Porsche history and Valuation Expertise

Porsche Valuations owner, John Glynn, has more than thirty years of motor trade experience, including a decade spent working as Consumer Valuations Editor with UK used car trade price bible, Glass’s Guide. A regular contributor to UK car magazines and an established consultant to the UK’s foremost independent Porsche specialists, John is an acknowledged used car market expert. The serial Porsche author and journalist is also a true marque enthusiast, owning Ferdinand Porsche Magazine and the 5,000-member Porsche 911 forum at impactbumpers.com.

About our Porsche Insurance Valuations

We issue agreed insurance valuations for all classic and modern Porsche models including all 911 models. We are recommended by many owners clubs including impactbumpers.com and online 964 groups. Porsche 996 valuations are very popular, as are Boxster and Cayman valuations. We also value early pre-’73 911, impact bumper cars including 3.2 Carrera, 930 (Turbo) and more. Our signed Porsche valuations are accepted by all UK insurance companies, and our service is recommended by hundreds of satisfied customers.

Valuations are carried out online. Submit your Porsche valuation details via our secure connection, email some photos and make payment via bank transfer or Paypal. We will complete the valuation quickly and efficiently, emailing you a signed valuation certificate in return. All sent material is disposed of securely for your protection.

Porsche Investment Values Consultation

We carry out Porsche buying consultations by telephone. We also consult on Porsche prices and values for legal, investment and inheritance issues. Contact us to discuss our full range of valuation services.