Classic & Modern Porsche Valuations

Thanks for visiting Porsche Valuations, run by John Glynn. Based in the UK, I provide Porsche owners, prospective buyers, solicitors and other interested parties with many different types of valuations, including:

Who do you want to decide your insurance settlement if your car gets stolen or written off? My quick and easy valuation service costs just £35 per valuation. Insurance valuations issued here are valid for two years, making the service excellent value for money versus market average insurer or club valuation. Free valuations are never truly free: all come as part of a more expensive purchase and could cost you thousands in total loss! Investing £35 in an independent insurance valuation has been a no-brainer for thousands of people like you.

A pre-purchase price check can give additional information to help save hundreds of pounds off the price of a car. Investing £35 ahead of purchase to potentially take several times that amount off the initial cost is another no-brainer: unless you like paying too much for cars, that is.

The same goes for selling – do you price off the other unsold examples? Asking prices are never the ideal guide to a sales price. Do you want to sell quickly? How can you go about that? Where do you advertise? How do you know what to focus on? What sets your car apart in the market? We cover all of these points as part of our service.



My mission is to support the UK Porsche community and ensure that all classic Porsches are properly insured against total loss. Send me your club or insurance company valuation. If I cannot provide a valuation for at least £500 more, I will not charge you to check it and you will know you are well protected. If I can do better, then £35 buys you complete peace of mind. Sound like a no-brainer? Email me here.

Bespoke Valuation Services

I also supply other forms of valuations including:

  • Shares and Asset (SAV) valuations for HMRC reporting
  • Legal valuations for litigation, purchase disputes etc
  • Court Expert Witness reports
  • Probate valuations
  • Divorce valuations

Prices for bespoke valuations vary. All communications are in confidence: I am valued for my discretion and I respect your right to privacy. Email me here to discuss.

Why should I choose an Independent Valuation?

Porsche Valuations is completely independent. I do not work with dealers or motor traders. My independence guarantees stress-free insurance settlements with no conflict-of-interest issues in an insurance claim involving dealer valuations.

I value all Porsche models including:

  • All air-cooled 911 models
  • All water-cooled 911 models including 996 Turbo and 997 Carrera GTS
  • All Boxster models including low mileage 987 and latest 718
  • All Cayman models including GT4
  • Collectors cars including new Porsche purchases
  • Rare race cars and part-finished restoration projects
  • All front-engined Porsches including 944 Turbo and 968 Club Sport

You don’t need to be a Porsche club member to use me and I’ll send your completed valuation back within days rather than weeks: often within hours. Click here to order your valuation.

Why choose Porsche Valuations?

My specialist independent market advice – including insurance values and pre-sale consultancy or purchase price advice – is underpinned by thirty years’ motor trade experience, including twenty years as a professional used car valuations specialist with a decade spent editing Glass’s Guide: the UK motor trade’s premier source of vehicle data and market valuations. I have supplied thousands of vehicle valuations and have never had a valuation rejected.

Agree your Porsche insurance value from the outset with my unique independent agreed insurance valuation for minimum stress and maximum return.

HMRC reporting and Shares and Asset (SAV) Valuations

I can supply valuations for HMRC purposes on all cars including Porsche models. Contact me to discuss.

Expert Witness, Court and Divorce Valuations

Porsche Valuations provides appraisal and valuation consultancy services for legal professionals including solicitors dealing with purchase disputes, family division/divorce and probate. I am also available to work in an advisory capacity preparing pre-case reports or as an expert witness in court.

I work with Trading Standards officers in investigations across the UK and Ireland. I’m ready to travel all over Europe to ensure customers get a fair deal.

Email me to discuss litigation and appraisal services.

Do not insure your classic car on a Market Value Policy

Would you be happy to settle for eBay prices in a total loss situation? Data gathered from eBay and other disposal sites is not a true reflection of market value, yet this data is a big part of what an insurance assessor must use when deciding what your Porsche is worth in market value settlements.

Don’t make an expensive mistake: use my service to save thousands of pounds and many stressful months in market value negotiations.

We all think total loss will never happen to us, but more classic Porsche cars are being stolen every year. The agonising process of negotiating an inadequate market value settlement is just not worth the stress or the few pounds saved.

Our Porsche History and Valuation Expertise

I have more than thirty years of motor trade experience, including a decade spent working as Consumer Valuations Editor with UK used car trade price bible, Glass’s Guide.

I’m a respected used car journalist who has written used car content for Autocar, MSN and Top Gear. My articles and press releases have been seen in all UK papers including the Financial Times and Daily Telegraph. I was a contributor to specialist Porsche magazines for over a decade including regular columns in GT Porsche, Total 911 and 911 & Porsche World magazines. I now write a monthly column for BMW Car magazine but am mostly to be found on my own blog at Ferdinand: The Cult of Porsche.

As a used car market expert and Porsche blogger, I am also a true marque enthusiast, owning three classic Porsche cars as part of a collection of twenty classic cars and motorcycles. I founded and maintain the 5,000-member community for 1974-1989 Porsche 911s at I live and breathe this industry and my passion is my livelihood.

About Porsche Insurance Valuations

I issue agreed insurance valuations for all classic and modern Porsche models including all water-cooled 911 models up to the latest 991.2 GT3 Touring. I also value early pre-’73 911, impact bumper cars including 3.2 Carrera, 930 (Turbo) and more. My signed Porsche valuations are accepted by all UK insurance companies, and the service is recommended by hundreds of satisfied customers.

Valuations are carried out online. Submit your Porsche valuation details via secure connection, email some photos and make payment via bank transfer or Paypal. I will complete the valuation quickly and efficiently, emailing you a signed valuation certificate in return. All sent material is disposed of securely for your protection.

Contact me to discuss my full range of valuation services. All information is treated in confidence.