Classic and Modern Porsche Valuations

Welcome to Porsche Valuations. My service is for people who understand the value of professional input and who are willing to invest a modest sum of money for an informed, real-time opinion on the purchase, sale or protection of a valuable asset.

For insurance valuations, I will consider your Porsche with as much care and attention as you do and use more than thirty years of professional car valuation experience to deliver a real world valuation based on current market trends and recent sales information. I issue business invoices for all consultation services.

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Legal and Professional Valuation Services

With a professional valuation career spanning over thirty years, I am highly experienced in this specialist field. The scope of data I have overseen means that I have supplied literally hundreds of thousands of vehicle valuations to thousands of highly critical users over the course of my career. This is priceless experience.

I am regularly instructed for specialist valuations and valuations reports, including divorce, probate, legal and tax specific valuations. My Q1 2020 caseload includes Expert Witness reports, Trading Standards prosecutions and the divorce valuation of an extensive collection of classic motorcycles. Feel free to contact me to discuss how my unrivalled experience and sensible hourly rates may be of service.

I care about Porsche valuations

As a Porsche enthusiast since childhood, an owner for more than fifteen years and one of the UK’s most published Porsche writers, I care about Porsche cars and owners.

  • I care that, when it comes to insuring your cherished Porsche, the hard work you put in to obtaining it should be protected at the highest possible level.
  • I care that, if you are setting out to buy your first Porsche, that you do not overpay and are left with enough money to enjoy it.
  • I care that, if you’re selling your car, you’re given enough support to understand its unique selling points, who it might appeal to, where it should be advertised and how much you should advertise it for.

A personal consultation with my unparalleled experience costs just £35 per valuation: a fraction of the cost of making a bad decision and an affordable price allowing as many people as possible to use my unique service, purely for Porsche owners. As the man who many insurers turn to when things go wrong, you will not find a more respected source to consider your Porsche in all its uniqueness.

All communications are in confidence: I am respected for my discretion and I value your right to privacy.  You don’t need to be a Porsche club member to use me and I’ll send your completed valuation back within days rather than weeks: often within hours. Click here to order your valuation.

Consulting and Bespoke Valuations

I earned my living valuing the entire UK car market for over a decade before building a reputation as a bespoke Porsche valuations authority. I now consult privately with many special clients and help protect and maximise their interests. I am experienced across all corners of the motor trade and regularly act on behalf of both insurers and policyholders in litigation. Please get in touch with any questions.

Do not insure your classic car on a Market Value Policy

We all think total loss will never happen to us, but more classic Porsche cars are being stolen every year. The agonising process of negotiating an inadequate market value settlement is just not worth the stress or the few pounds saved.

Would you be happy to settle for eBay prices in a total loss situation? Data gathered from eBay and other disposal sites is not a true reflection of market value, yet this data is a big part of what an insurance assessor must use when deciding what your Porsche is worth in market value settlements.

Don’t make an expensive mistake. Use my fast, affordable service to prevent losing thousands of pounds and suffering many stressful weeks in market value negotiations.

About Porsche Insurance Valuations

I issue agreed insurance valuations for all classic and modern Porsche models including all water-cooled 911 models up to the latest 991.2 GT3 RS Weissach. I also value early pre-’73 911, impact bumper cars including 3.2 Carrera, 930 (Turbo) and more. My signed Porsche valuations are accepted by all UK insurance companies, and the service is recommended by hundreds of satisfied customers.

Valuations are carried out online. Submit your Porsche valuation details via secure connection, email some photos and make payment via bank transfer or Paypal. I will complete the valuation quickly and efficiently, emailing you a signed valuation certificate in return. All sent material is disposed of securely for your protection.

Contact me to discuss my full range of valuation services. All information is treated in confidence.