Porsche Purchase Coaching

Independent Porsche Purchase Coaching

Owning your own classic Porsche 911 is a dream for hundreds of people. All too often, that dream turns into a nightmare as unscrupulous sellers take advantage of those rose-tinted glasses to stitch buyers into unsuitable vehicles.

My independent Porsche purchase coaching service puts a highly experienced market expert in your pocket and gives you a serious advantage when buying a Porsche. Few Porsche specialists have helped to buy and sell more Porsches than I have, so I am well versed in what to look out for, and the tricks sellers use to hide lesser examples.

This service has helped many buyers avoid hugely expensive mistakes! It is all about research and asking the right questions before deciding to commission an independent inspection. Even when an inspection suggests that a car should be avoided, sunk costs mean many buyers go ahead. My job is to highlight all the reasons why certain cars should be ruled out and guide you to the right car at the right price, saving you time, money and heartache.

Contact me to discuss this service. It is priced in blocks of time and is the best way to bring serious Porsche expertise to your buying journey.

Air-cooled Porsche Inspections

I carry out Porsche inspections for discerning private clients all over the UK and Europe. Each inspection costs £350, plus an allowance for travel and any research or inspection expenses.

My inspection service is focussed on Porsche 911s from 1974 to 1989, although I also inspect and consult on all air-cooled 911s.

Contact me to discuss your requirements for PPI (pre-purchase inspection). I also offer a pre-PPI where I do some research into the car and its history to deliver a report that helps buyers whether to proceed with a full PPI. This service costs £100 and can save a lot of wasted time and effort.

Drop me an email – john@porschevaluations.com.