Porsche Inspections

My thirty year motor trade history – working on and buying cars professionally – as well as my unique experience around all classic Porsches makes me a good choice for pre-purchase inspections on air-cooled 911s. I have been inspecting cars for clients for many years and am kept pretty busy inspecting cars for both trade and private buyers across the UK and Ireland!

I only inspect 993 and older models and, thanks to my enthusiast forum at impactbumpers.com, I have an enhanced reputation for knowledge and understanding of impact-bumper or G-model Porsche 911s from 1974 to 1989.

Classic Porsche Inspection Costs 2021

I offer two inspection services. Option 1 is an inspection followed up by a conversation about the car with images and videos transmitted by WhatsApp or similar. Option 2 is an inspection with a writen report and images sent by the end of the day.

Classic Porsche Pre-Purchase Inspection Option 1: £320 plus 25p a mile

Classic Porsche Pre-Purchase Inspection Option 1: £400 plus 25p a mile

Post-inspection Agreed Value Insurance Certificate at the lower price of £25

I also offer a pre-PPI, where I do some research into the car and its history to deliver a report that helps buyers whether to proceed with a full PPI. This service costs £100 and can save a lot of wasted time and effort.

Contact me to discuss or arrange a pre-purchase inspection. Call 07565 348453.

Classic Porsche Private Sales

I also help sell cars (including valuing cars for sale and creating for sale ads) and often have customers on my books for classic Porsche 911s. Drop me a line to discuss.