Porsche Probate Valuations

Classic Porsche probate valuations explained

Probate is the process of administering the estate of a deceased person, including valuing individual assets for inheritance tax purposes. HMRC insists upon accurate, independent probate valuations to assess any tax liability after death. Porsche Valuations offers a simple, professional probate valuation service for executors valuing classic Porsche cars of any age and condition.

About my classic car probate valuation service

Having valued cars and motorcycles professionally for over thirty years and with my own collection of classic cars and motorcycles, I am conscious of how difficult it may be for loved ones who do not share my passion to value and dispose of my vintage car and bike collection in the event of my death. I am also mindful that they may not be in the ideal emotional state place to manage this.

I therefore provide a sympathetic probate valuation service based on decades of experience. I can also advise on the best routes to market an inherited vehicle in any condition and my valuations can be of assistance with marketing text. My service is completely independent and trusted by many clients across the UK legal system.

My classic Porsche probate valuations cost £55 each and are accepted by all official bodies including HMRC, insurers and the courts. A background of regular instruction as an expert witness to UK law courts, with no ulterior motives to obtain or dispose of your assets means you can trust me to get the job done swiftly and with minimum stress.

Contact me to discuss or arrange a probate valuation. For larger collections, it may be more expedient and economical to value on-site, in person. Contact me to discuss this. Note that I also value classic motorcycles – click the link below to learn more.